Mark Morgan

Interest Areas and Research

We study process engineering and intervention technologies for improving food quality and safety.

Current Projects

Projects include ozone and chlorine dioxide ClO2 gas interventions for fresh produce and surface/equipment sanitizing, E-beam cross-linking of active packaging materials, and evaluation of hygienic design of processing equipment.

Recent Impacts

ClO2 gas sterilization of bulk aseptic storage tanks and aseptic tankers.

Recent and Current Graduate Students

  • Aruna Dhanapal, MS; Inactivation Kinetics of Botrytis Cinerea Inoculated on Stainless Steel Coupons by Chlorine Dioxide Gas–MS Thesis, May 2019
  • Mario Bermudez, MS; Modelling of Gas Diffusion during Surface Decontamination — MS Thesis, December 2020
  • Addison Myers, MS; Inactivation of Cyclospora oocysts with ozonated water, TBD

Laboratory Capabilities

Our lab has several chlorine dioxide gas and ozone generators, gas treatment chambers including a prototype gas tunnel system, 150 keV E-beam system, CIP testing skids, and a cold plasma system.


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