Department of Food Science

Welcome to the Department of Food Science. We are the only food science program in the state and offer comprehensive programs giving our students a strong mix of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences. Our faculty’s research programs further the understanding of the food safety, physicochemical, sensory, quality, health, and engineering properties of foods. A strong interface with our stakeholders allows us to transfer science-based best practices to the food and beverage industry, government agencies, and entrepreneurs to help meet the goals of providing safe, nutritious, and high-quality foods.

Equipping the next generation of food scientists and health professionals.

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Are you passionate about science? Maybe you are considering a career in a health profession. The food science major encompasses all areas of food—production, safety, quality, product development, research, and development—but it can also prepare you for a career in medicine, pharmacy, or dentistry.

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Senior Vice Chancellor and Senior Vice President Keith Carver with a food science student taste testing ice cream

I visited the Food Sensory Lab at University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture! Kelsey, a junior Herbert College of Agriculture Food Science major from Franklin, guided me though a taste test of ice cream with 14% milk fat vs. ice cream with 18% milk fat. Folks- there’s a difference.

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Check out the newly open UT Creamery!

The return of the UT Creamery, founded in 1915, is a sweet moment. A new storefront ice cream shop and boutique in the UT Culinary Institute and Creamery, formerly the site of UT Visitors Center, is ready and welcomes guests at 2712 Neyland Drive.

Visit the UT Creamery website

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