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The Morgan Lab

Interest Areas & Research

We study process engineering and intervention technologies for improving food quality and safety.

Current Projects

Include ozone and chlorine dioxide ClO2 gas interventions for fresh produce and surface/equipment sanitizing, E-beam cross-linking of active packaging materials, and evaluation of hygienic design of processing equipment.

Recent Impacts

ClO2 gas sterilization of bulk aseptic storage tanks and aseptic tankers.

Recent & Current Grad Students:

Aruna Dhanapal – (MS); Inactivation Kinetics of Botrytis Cinerea Inoculated on Stainless Steel Coupons by Chlorine Dioxide Gas –  MS Thesis.  May 2019

Mario Bermudez – (MS); Modelling of gas diffusion during surface decontamination

Leah Odom – (MS); TBD

Grace Hyde – (MS); TBD

Laboratory Capabilities

Our lab has several chlorine dioxide gas & ozone generators, gas treatment chambers including a prototype gas tunnel system, 150 keV E-beam system, CIP testing skids and a cold plasma system.

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The flagship campus of the University of Tennessee System and partner in the Tennessee Transfer Pathway.

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