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Focus Areas

  • Food Engineering

Food Microbiology

The safety of our food supply is paramount. Our department has several faculty members who work in this field focusing on bacterial, viral and parasitic foodborne pathogens.

Food Chemistry

Research in the department focuses on the major and minor components of food with respect to their physiological, nutritional, sensory and microbiological properties.

Foods for Health and Wellness

Consumers have never been more attuned to the impact foods make on their health and well being. Research in our department focuses on the health benefits of bioactive compounds for treatment of cancer and other illnesses.

Sensory and Consumer Science

Consumers use all of their senses when they interact with food. Our research program is focused on evaluating the dynamic interaction of the senses and how this relates to the perception of foods.

Food Engineering

Departmental research in food engineering centers on hygienic design of processing equipment and novel food processes.

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