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Emeritus & Adjunct Faculty

​P. MICHAEL DAVIDSON, PH.D.​ (EMERITUS)​Food Microbiology​
​DRAUGHON, F. ANN, PH.D. (EMERITUS)​Food Microbiology​
​GOAN, H. CHARLES, PH.D. (EMERITUS)​Poultry Production and Management​
​HALEY, TIM, PH.D.​Food Engineering​
​KIT, KEVIN, PH.D.​Materials Science & Engineering​
​LAACK, RIETTE VAN, PH.D.​Meat & Poultry Science; Protein Chemistry and Functionality​
​​MOUNT, JOHN R., PH.D.​​Fruit and Vegetables; Food Preservation​
​MORRIS, WILLIAM C., PH.D. (EMERITUS)​Food Safety; Food Laws & Regulations; Enology​
​PENFIELD, MARJORIE P., PH.D. (EMERITUS)​Sensory Evaluation; Bakery Science​
​PERKINS, PHIL, PH.D.​Chemistry, Research Development and Innovation​
​​RICHARDS, JENNIFER, PH.D.​​Food Safety Education​​​
​SHASTRY, ARUN, PH.D.​Food Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Laboratory Operations​
​STEWART, NEAL, PH.D.​Biosafety of Transgenic Plants​
​WEISS, JOCHEN, PH.D.​Food Biophysics​

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