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Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science

A doctoral degree is an evidence of exceptional scholarly achievements and the demonstrated capability of original investigation. The student’s program of study is subject to Graduate Council policies and individual program requirements. The program of study as listed by the student on the Admission to Candidacy form must be approved by the GAC. Doctoral programs include a major field or area of concentration and, frequently, one or more cognate fields. Cognate fields are defined as a minimum of 6 hrs of graduate coursework in a given area outside the student’s major field.

Requirements for the degree, therefore, include courses, examinations, and a period of resident study, as well as arrangements which guarantee sustained, systematic study and superior competency in a particular field. Examinations for PhD students include the comprehensive exam on students’ ability to propose original research, the dissertation proposal examination to test students’ ability to design original research, and the final defense of the dissertation to examine students’ ability to analyze, reason, and conclude original research.

Course requirements

Course requirements for a PhD degree in FDSC are listed as follows. To help you plan your course work, a worksheet is given in Appendix J.
  • A minimum of 72 hours beyond the bachelor’s degree, excluding credit for the master’s thesis (FDSC 500 or equivalent), is required. Of this, 24 hours must be FDSC 600 Doctoral Research/Dissertation.
  • A candidate for a doctoral degree must complete a minimum of 24 hrs of graduate coursework beyond the master’s degree, which is a prerequisite for entry into most doctoral programs. If the doctoral program does not require a master’s degree, the candidate must complete a minimum of 48 hrs of graduate coursework beyond the baccalaureate degree. A minimum of 12 of the 24 hrs, or 30 of the 48 hrs, must be graded A-F.
  • A minimum of 6 hrs of the student’s coursework must be taken in UT courses at the 600 level, exclusive of FDSC 600.
  • A minimum of 6 hours of courses for graduate credit must be taken outside the FDSC Department.
  • All students must complete FDSC 601 (2 hours) and are expected to attend FDSC 601 during their PhD program. One credit hour of PLSC 525 or ANSC 525 must be taken before admission to candidacy.
  • Coursework taken prior to admission to a doctoral program may be used up to 24 credit hrs toward the degree, as determined by the student’s GAC. Although the courses are used as part of the requirements toward the degree and are listed on the admission to candidacy, they are not official transfer courses and are not placed on the student’s UT transcript (see section “Transfer of Credits from Previous Graduate Courses” on page 25).

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