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2018 Curriculum Advisory Board Meeting


This fall we invited a variety of alumni and industry leaders to spend the day assessing our undergraduate program and help us determine our strengths and weaknesses. Those in attendance were gracious enough to take time away from their busy schedules and review the curriculum and extracurricular activities that our students will participate during their time in the Food Science department, and for this we are extremely grateful. Their dedication and passion for not only Food Science, but also the future of our students, is what will keep our program competitive.

Our faculty put together information about their courses and gave a presentation to those at the meeting. We encouraged each member of the meeting to ask questions and give feedback about each course. We understand that those that have gone through the program and have been in the food science industry are one of our greatest resources and our relationship with them allows us to properly prepare our students for different types of careers within the Food Science industry.

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