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2018 Undergraduate Student Activities

This summer several students were around the country,and in some cases around the world, taking the opportunity to learn more about Food Science through internships and part-time or temporary jobs.

Jaime Ragos

Food Science senior, Jaime Ragos, has had a busy summer! She has interned at NC State for an REU involving education and extension on sanitaiton and spent time at Lonerider microbrewery where they discussed sanitation and GMPs with the brewery owners. In addition, she was also part of the Normandy Scholars Program where she was able to visit historic WWII sites in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.


Kindal Tatum & Connor Long

Kindall Tatum and Connor Long (not pictured)spent their summer working with Department Head Dr. Mark Morgan in the EHEDG Lab. There they worked on evaluating the hygenic design of processing equipment.


Ashley Bloom & Zhihong Wang

Ashley and Zhihong both presented their research posters at Gamma Sigma Delta during the Spring meeting.


Jasmine Bundrage

Jasmine Bundrage spent her summer at the MARS plant in Cleveland. The plant is responsible for almost all varieties of M&Ms and is also responsible for making all the Twix produced in North America. As an intern, she helped assist the quality and food safety team and helped the Twix operations team. She did GMP walk throughs the Twix, internal auditing, and taste tested Twix every day to make sure they were up to quality standards. She also assisted the food safety team and tested chocolate for various micro organisms.


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